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Columbus couple accused of animal cruelty, found with thousands in stolen guns


Skin and bones; that's how authorities describe the animals they found in a Columbus man's home.

Christopher Upshaw, 32, pled not guilty to several serious charges.

Upshaw and his girlfriend 29-year-old Deonna Turner were accused of receiving stolen guns, possession of a sawed-off shotgun, and cruelty to children and animals.

The couple was arrested at a home on Meadow Cliff Drive in Columbus.                                 

While searching the home, investigators said they found a gruesome discovery in the utility room in the carport.         

"Two dogs were found the closet. The dogs were in very poor condition. There were feces everywhere and urine you could barely walk in the room; there was no food or water," said the investigator. "Based on statements from the animal control they stated that one of the dogs will probably have to be put down due to the health conditions."

Investigator also found containers believed to have Cocaine residue in them.

The containers were sent off to a crime lab for testing.

Upshaw was not charged with drug possession pending the findings of the test. His case was bound over to superior court.

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