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Guns sales up across Muscogee County

Shooters in Columbus has seen its biggest weekend this year.

Just a few days after a mass shooting and killing at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, hundreds are looking to pick up guns before it's too hard to buy them.

News Leader 9 spoke with store owner Jon McMullen.

"I think  lot of this is quite frankly panic buying based upon proposed legislation which is coming through congress and the current administration and statements they have made to that effect," McMullen said. 

McMullen says fear that purchasing a gun could be tougher has had folks buying hand guns and rifles this weekend. While some are calling for tougher gun measures even signing petitions for the President, many are still on edge. 

The mass murder of 27 teachers and students on Friday is a special case McMullen says where a gun was misused by a mentally disturbed individual.

"Going through his family, going through counseling, going through school systems and none ever took any definitive action and no one every took any action to help him quite frankly, this is the result guns are a symptom in this case not a cause," McMullen said. 

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