Lee Co. schools lends hand to Newtown victims

Lee Co. schools lends hand to Newtown victims

(WTVM) - Lee County Board of Education Officials say distance does not hinder community outreach when it comes to supporting the victims of Newtown, Connecticut.

"We've have had a number of students that have made cards and written letters. We've had parents come in, community volunteers, offer supplies and postage. We've had memorial type ribbons that certain schools are wearing in remembrance of the students," explains Lee County Schools Director of Student Services, Dr. Jason Wright.

Superintendent Dr. Knowlin also sent a card on behalf of the school district to the Newtown community.

Wright explained how teachers are incorporating the events at Sandy Hook Elementary into their lessons plan, trying to make it a learning experience and making it easier to cope with the issues as they evolve.

"Of course, our consoling staff has been made available for students if they need individual attention or wanted to voice their concerns or talk about the incident,"  says Wright.

But of course, the top concern on the minds of Lee County parents is security within their child's school.

"We have had communication with the Lee County Sheriff's Department and all of our schools resource officers that are assigned to the schools," states Wright, "There is constant communication there."

Lee County has had district wide training for emergency events in the past. There are also monthly life saving drills, but reinforcement of these procedures and safety actions will be a priority after Friday's events.

"There has been a heightened sense of visibility and presence just to east the minds of our students and parents, that security and safety are our top priority," explains Wright.

There has also been conversation about planning a type of mock training in the near future to reinforce procedures. This training would also allow new school employees to become aware and have the opportunity to practice these drills on a larger scale.

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