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Students for Concealed Carry pushing for guns on campus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Jason Stubbs is a man on a mission.

He's working with students across the state of Georgia to hopefully get legal concealed weapons legalized on school campuses like Columbus State University. 

"My shirt would be covering it or I would be wearing a different holster, might even have it in my backpack," Stubbs said, who is also the state director of the Georgia Chapter of Students for Concealed Carry. 

Right now, it's illegal to carry a gun on most college campuses. Stubbs, who usually carries his gun on his hip, says with recent school shootings like the one in Newtown, people need to be on the alert now more than ever.

"People want to jump on the most available most obvious conclusion which is guns we need to ban access to guns we need to stop people from carrying guns, but I would like to point out to people that this one incident is a rarity and not the norm," Stubbs said.  

Troy University professor John Van Doorn disagrees. He tells us that easy access to some weapons could cause more problems.

"Nobody has the right to have a bazooka in their house and on the other end no one going to take away someone's rightful hand gun that is used for practice or whatever, " Van Doorn said. 

As a professor on a college campus, Van Doorn says weapons and public places don't mix.

"Frankly we just don't need weapons in public places unless it's a trained officer who is off duty or somebody whose job it is to provide security" Doorn said. 

Stubbs says the recent talk of bringing back the assault weapon ban is not a solution to gun control in the United States. 

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