Opelika business pays tribute to those lives lost in Newtown

Opelika business pays tribute to those live lost in Newton

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - One Opelika business has made the ultimate tribute to honor those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary school almost one week ago.

"I saw where Brazil has placed crosses along the roadside in remembrance of Sandy Hook, so I thought all the elementary schools in the nation should do this," explains business owner Andrew Gracia.

With this idea in mind, Gracia's business, Magnolia Storage and flea market, constructed and donated 26 crosses in honor of each student and adult and placed them in front on Beauregard Elementary School.

"One of the parents actually took a picture this morning and the sun was shining overhead and it was like sunshine from above," says Gracia, "Take it as you will, but everybody likes it."

Gracia enlisted the help of two future U.S. Army Infantry Soldier's to help build and place the crosses.

"We actually came up with the idea a few days ago and we started yesterday. We went and got all the supplies to build with and we made them all by hand.. Measured everything, cut it out perfect and painted all the names," states Private Nicholas Homan.

As older brothers and Beauregard Elementary graduates themselves, these young men knew that this way to show the upmost compassion for the victims and their families.

"I have younger siblings and brothers and sisters and I can't image what they are going through, the pain they are going through. I know if I felt like that I would like from somebody to help out and show a little respect and I feel like that's my role, showing respect to the families who lost someone that day," explains Private Cameron Crawford.

"It just shows the community and that the thing about Beauregard, it's a small, rural community and everybody comes together in times like these," says Gracia.

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