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Two charged with capital murder in Gammage case, more details released

The names of the two suspects arrested in connection with the kidnapping of Ronnie Gammage, the Longview man missing since December 4, have been released.

27-year-old, Ronnie Joe Gammage's body was recovered sometime Wednesday in Upshur County.

According to JP Precinct 1 B.H. Jameson, Sarah Haslam, 20, and 19-year-old Daniel Paul Jones were arrested and booked into the Gregg County Jail on aggravated kidnapping charges.

Daniel Jones and Sara Haslam stood stoically and listened as charges were read against them today; both were charged with capital murder in the death of Ronnie Gammage.

Officer Kristie Brian said, "we were able to obtain video of some person of interest. We followed up with interviews of two of them yesterday and consequently they were arrested for aggravated kidnapping and did lead us to the body of Ronnie Gammage."

According to Haslam's probable cause affadavit, it started with the suspects talking Gammage into writing them a check.

"Ronnie Gammage apparently gave the suspects a check somewhere around December 4th. They attempted to cash it; that's where the video was obtained from them cashing the check," said Brian.

The group reportedly met Gammage at the Waffle House in Longview.

"Gammage knew one of the suspects, he had at least met her on a prior occasion," Brian told us.

"When he came outside apparently his truck tires was slashed and the suspects came to his aid. unfortunately, thats not what happened in this case."

They drove him to a location off of Tryon Road near a construction site, where they took him out and beat him, then realizing there was a lot of traffic and they might be seen. They put him back in the car and drove him to Upshur County.

Brian said they were afraid they were going to be seen, so they forced him back into the car.

Gammage was driven deep into a wooded area in Upshur County. The last few moments of his life were spent on a 25 mile drive to Martin Road, where he was again beaten.

Ronnie Joe Gammage, 27, went missing on December 4. His body was recovered sometime Wednesday in Upshur County.

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