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Holiday travel begins, Columbus travelers hit the road


Christmas Eve is only three days away and that means people are already taking to the roads to reach their families in time. 

Bus drivers at Greyhound will be taking their passengers all across the country and say they are prepared for heavy traffic throughout their trips.

"The loads are packed, roads are packed, but we make the best of it, we're professionals, so that's how we do it," said Abraham Diltz, Greyhound driver.

 "When most of them travel, right up until Monday evening, it will probably be low to the bus well, especially going back to Birmingham.  And a lot of people enjoy this connection we've got here, the Greyhound connection," said Greyhound driver Charles Colston.

Columbus residents headed to the northeast are going by ground to avoid weather-related flight cancellations, but it takes a lot longer by bus.

 "Going to New York to see family, friends, and just have a good time," said Jeffrey Kelley.

"It takes 24 hours to get to New York from here, from Columbus Georgia, and then we've got five buses we've got to transfer," said Jessica Kelley.

Curtis Moss is travelling from Columbus to Sacramento by Greyhound.

"It wears on you.  You know how they say you get jet lag? You get bus lag.  I was on the bus from Sunday morning at 8 until Wednesday morning at 5 in the morning, so it was like a three day bus ride."

The Columbus Airport was mostly empty Friday, with only two flights leaving for the west in the evening.  Two passengers from out-of-town arrived hours ahead of time to beat lines at security.  They may have over-compensated.

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