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Massive fire engulfs Columbus home a day after Christmas


A Columbus family lost their home a day after Christmas. The blaze happened early Wednesday around 4:30 a.m. in the Castlewood subdivision, where a house on Wexton Court went up in flames.

Neighbors described what they saw after the fire awoke them.

"It was just blasting fire, there was so much fire around the house, I thought the fire was going to definitely come to our house.  All I could see was the cars- the cars were on fire, the garage was on fire. And it was very scary. We were just happy they came out alive. . . Like I told them, material things can be replaced, but not a life," said neighbor, Allece Porter.

Investigators told News Leader 9 the fire started in the garage then spread to the two-story brick home.  Officials are trying determined what caused the fire to ignite.

Chief Ricky Shores said the homeowner smelled smoke and called firefighters.

The seven people inside the home made it out safely, but a couple of the family pets did not make it.

 "We took our kids outside, and we got our dog out of the garage.  I thought the cars would explode and hit our garage in a chain reaction.  I was scared, I was crying, we went to the neighbors and hugged them.  We gave them jackets and scarves because it was cold.  I said it's going to be okay, God is going to bless you with another house.  I was like oh gosh, I just started freaking out, because I've never seen a fire like that before, and it was kind of amazing too," said neighbor, Brittney Porter.

It's believed the fire caused about $200,000 worth of damage to the home and nearly $150,000 in additional losses.

Four vehicles were damaged in the fire. Two are a total loss, two others sustained damage when heat from the fire melted paint and taillights.  

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