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Burglar surprised, shot fired inside home


A woman walked into her house in the 4600 block of Desoto Drive and discovered a man breaking in through a window.  It happened just before 3 p.m. Friday.

As he was climbing in, his gun accidentally went off and shot through a table leg.  No one was hurt, but the victim says the man held her at gunpoint for at least 15 minutes while he searched for valuables. 

The victim, who is 21-years-old, said the man walked her around the house telling her to lift items and open drawers.

He attempted to steal a television set, but could not fit it through the window.  He finally left the way he came in, taking a Nintendo Wii game system and other electronics with him.

The suspect is described by the witness as being a black male with a light complexion, possibly in his 20s.  The victim said he had a slender build and a low hairstyle.  She saw a birthmark on his forehead near his hairline, and said he was wearing a gray sweatshirt, gray sweat pants, and had some gold teeth.

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