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Bringing in the New Year safety


Monday night, millions around the world will be saying goodbye to 2012 and bringing in 2013 with sparkles, loved ones and champagne.

However, after the clock strikes 12, make sure you think twice before getting behind the wheel.

"We are going to be out in full-force tonight and we're going to be looking for the obvious signs of people drinking and driving," explains Sergeant Bill McGuire of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

According to AAA, 122 people were killed in crashes on New Year's Day 2012, and over half of those crashes involved a drunk driver.

Sergeant McGuire warns that drinking and driving is not worth the consequences.

"If you are pulled over and the deputy or officer can detect alcohol or maybe drugs, the deputies are trained to recognize the signs and will do a series of sobriety tests and they could spend some time in jail."

Multiple businesses in Auburn, like the War Eagle Supper Club, are trying to help lower the number of DUI's by installing their own breathalyzer test, the Intox Box.

"You put your dollar in it, you stick the straw in, you blow and then it gives you an accurate reading. They come and calibrate it about every ten days so it's very accurate," says Co-owner and General Manager of the Supper Club, John Brandt  

If you do blow over the legal limit into the box, it gives you the option to enter your phone number and it will call you a cab instantly.

"Everybody I talk to is very positive about it. The cops don't want to give DUI's, they want people to get home safe, so if this keeps them from driving then they're all for it," explains Brandt.

The Supper Club is also the only bar in Auburn that offers free shuttle service and it will be running tonight at their New Year's Eve bash.

"We open at nine, the band will start at ten o'clock and we'll get everyone home safe that needs a ride," promises Brandt.

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