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Semi-automatic rifles are sold out at gun stores


Since the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting, gun owners are concerned new laws may be enacted to ban semi-automatic weapons. That fear is translating into a run on semi-automatic weapons in Middle Tennessee and across the country

It's impossible to find a semi-automatic at any gun store. David Wilson the owner of Lebanon Gun Shop has only three on display in his store, but they are all spoken for.

"If I had a hundred of them, I could sell them all in one day," said Wilson.

With the call for more stringent gun control, gun owners are fearful semi-automatic rifles, also referred to as assault rifles, will be banned.

"The pending legislation in Washington is creating a demand by folks who normally would not have the interest. They are buying the semi-automatic rifles now, because people want what they can't have," said Wilson.

If you already own a semi-automatic rifle, the magazines and the bullets they hold are also sold out. In fact, ammunition in general is in short supply. Wilson pointed to empty shelves in his store that are usually stocked with ammunition

"I'm out of a lot of different caliber bullets. These shelves are empty," said Wilson.

Since Dec. 14, Wilson has seen an inventory of guns sell very quickly.

"I've sold at least 500 guns since Nov. 23, however most of those sales have taken place in the last three weeks. I have done more business these past few weeks than I have done in the past four months," said Wilson.

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