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Marion County sheriff wants deputies in schools

New Sheriff Derell Neal is on a mission to make changes in Marion County, and he's starting with school security.

"Due to the recent school shootings, we have got to get on that safety issue," Neal said. "That's one of my first goals to get some deputies in that school as resource officers if possible or security in our schools."

He isn't stopping there. On New Year's Day, Sheriff Neal told News Leader 9 he and his team plan to get familiar with people in the community. 

"We are going to have more contact with the people of Marion County," said Neal. "I want my deputies to get out and talk with everybody."

A home-grown man, born and raised in the area, Neal makes history as the first African American Sheriff in Marion County. He was bitten early by the law enforcement bug and was eager to protect and serve.

"As a child I always wanted to be in public safety, as a child but as I grew into being a deputy for the past 25-26 years I just enjoyed doing what I do," Neal said.

So much so he decided to run for sheriff,  Neal beating out Republican opponent Greg Fuller. He took oath at 12:01 New Year's Day and said it wouldn't have happened without community support. 

"The people were behind me, I was glad to run a fair honest race," Neal said. 

There is no word just yet on when those resource officers will be put into the schools in Marion County. The sheriff also told us that he is looking into more training for his deputies. 

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