AL drug task force cracks down on meth production with new laws

(WTVM) - 2012 was a good year for the Chambers County Drug Task force.

Members were named officers of the year by the Alabama Narcotics Officers Association for their outstanding work.

Last year they made 299 arrests, on a total of 507 charges.

They seized 80 pounds of marijuana, 17.5 grams of crack, 3.42 pounds of power cocaine, 1,045 prescription pills and 5.38 pounds of methamphetamine.

The total street value of narcotics seized was $441,000.

"We are going to increase our enforcement, put more people in jail, put  more strain on them and let them know this is not a conduit for drugs anymore," said Commander Johnny Wood with the Chambers County Drug Task Force.

2013 kicks off new drug laws targeting the manufacturing of meth.

The first law called "Smurphing Prohibited" became a crime on January 1, smurphing being the gathering of components for cooking meth.

Over-purchasing phseudephedrine, the main ingredient for meth, has been illegal for some time. Now you can also be charged with felony smurphing if investigators determine you are buying, selling or trading cold pills and or other components used for making meth.

The second new law involves a statewide database comprised of all individuals convicted on any drug charge.

"As they do now when they run your licenses when you buy pseudephedrine to check to see how much you have purchased up that point, additionally now this will check to make sure you are not a previous drug offender," said Wood.

The log will be used by pharmacies and narcotics investigators, keeping track of pseudephedrine sales.

If a previous drug offender tries to purchase phseudephedrine, the sale is blocked and the drug offender can be charged with a new crime.

"We are excited about getting out and enforcing these new laws," said Wood.

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