Bar being investigated after New Year's Day shooting

Bar investigated after New Year's Day shooting

COLUMBUS, GA - The crime tape is gone from the Majestic Sports Bar in Columbus, but Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says Tuesday's shooting that injured six and left one dead has launched an investigation of the business.

"The mixture of guns, alcohol, and minors is one that is not allowed by the law. So, we are investigating the owners to see if they were comporting with all the requirements of establishments that have liquor licenses. It looks from the initial investigation that there were some issues," said Tomlinson.

The mayor says there are still a lot of details to be investigated, but she says if there was anything illegal done by the business, Majestic Sports Bar could lose its business license or liquor license.

Reverend Willie Phillips lives in the area and says he wants to see it shut down.

"We have such a crime problem in that area, and we have a lot of young people involved, and our mission is to save our young people. If we could get that place closed, it would change a lot in this community," said Phillips.

Columbus police tell us that from January to November in 2012, there were 56 reports for crimes like aggravated assaults, burglaries, and theft in the area surrounding the bar. Of that number, 10 were at the address of Majestic Sports Bar.

Tomlinson says in response to the shooting, she has requested an increase in police presence around the club

"[We want] to make sure that the activity does not spill out into the streets. That there are no people speeding through neighborhoods and that generally we don't have a lot of congregating in the wee hours of the morning in these neighborhoods," said Tomllinson.

We did speak with the business owner's daughter. She said he could not comment on Thursday but would in the future. She said her thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

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