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Feathers found in bucket of fried chicken, man claims


A Rock Hill family says they got more than they bargained for during a recent trip for fast food earlier this week.  They claim their fried chicken had extra toppings... feathers.

"I saw a feather, I said what??" Kyle Diangelis said.

Diangelis said he was enjoying a bucket of chicken, from Kentucky Fried Chicken, earlier this week at a friend's house. He and his fiancé had already eaten most of the chicken in the bucket, when they discovered the feathery piece.  It was the last one.

"I will never eat at KFC again," Diangelis said. "If this got through, what else is getting through?"

The restaurant, located on Albright Road near the Super Bi-Lo Shopping Center, has an "A" rating.

Company officials say nothing is more important than product quality.

"Our franchisee and Quality Assurance department immediately began looking into the report as soon as we were made aware of it," officials released in a statement. "Our franchisee will be more than happy to contact the customer, apologize for the inconvenience and make it up to them."

"Sometimes this is going to happen," said Ken Beaty, food supervisor with the York County Health Department. "Pearls in oysters, shells on shrimp, feathers on chickens."

The York County Health Department says the feathers don't pose any bacterial health risk, because they were washed and cooked along with the rest of the chicken. They did say the  feathers could be a choking hazard.

The health department says if anything like this happens to you or if you have any other food complaints, you can contact them.

Beaty says these restaurants do a good job, because if they weren't doing a good job - they'd be shut down. He oversees more than 3,500 restaurants, schools, and grocery stores in the region.

"I just want for people to be aware of what they eat," Diangelis said.

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