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Club Majestic shooting suspect denies murder in court

Defense Attorney Stacey Jackson Defense Attorney Stacey Jackson
Dequandrea Truitt Dequandrea Truitt

It's been a week since the shooting at Majestic Sports Bar on Cusseta Road. Columbus police have been on an aggressive search for two suspects, including Dequandrea Truitt who turned himself Sunday.

Truitt is charged with the death of 24-year-old Charles Foster Jr. inside the club and shooting another man outside the club.

The story behind Columbus' first murder of 2013 has many twists and turns. So far, no gun has been found, there was an alleged unrecorded confession, and at least a dozen shell casings were found littered on the ground.

Columbus Police say, no matter which way you go, all roads lead to 21-year-old Dequandrea Truitt.

He's accused of shooting into a crowd at Majestic Sports Bar in Columbus killing one and wounding six others.

Truitt says he didn't do it and his defense attorney says there are several witnesses willing to take the stand to prove his innocence.

"We have five witnesses that state that Dequandrea Truitt did not have a weapon that night," attorney Stacey Jackson said.

On New Year's Eve, Truitt and five women went to the bar to celebrate.

In court Tuesday, Truitt's cousin Keyona Williams testified she was speaking to him when a fight broke out on the dance floor. 

She says she and Truitt got down on the floor and she screamed for him to stay down while bullets flew overhead.

"I think the question that the detective answered was this, do you have an eye witness that identifies Dequandrea Truitt as the person that shot Mr. Foster and she said no," Jackson continued.

Columbus Detective Katina Williams says evidence at the scene links Truitt to the crime.

Williams testified that Truitt told a patrol officer, "I didn't murder nobody, I did shoot in the parking lot."

Truitt's counsel argues he never made the statement.

"That's somewhat questionable when it's not on audio. It's not on video and this supposed spontaneous statement takes place at the loading dock of the police department as he is being taken into custody," Jackson said.

Detective Williams says the shell casings found outside the club matched the shell casings found inside the club, linking the two shootings.

Truitt is charged with murder along with 2 counts possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and aggravated assault

Truitt is being held in the Muscogee County jail without bond.

Columbus Police are still searching for a second suspect they say also fired inside the club.

Truitt is also wanted in Phenix City for attempted murder.

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