Loachapoka Water Authority: Water still safe to drink

Loachapoka Water Authority: water still safe to drink

LOACHAPOKA, AL (WTVM) - The Locachapoka Water Authority is trying to reassure customers their drinking water is safe.

Recent water quality tests findings required officials to warn town residents, but now they want to clear the air.

Turn on your tap and feel safe drinking the water...that's the message The Locahapoka Water Authority, wants to share with customers.

"The water is very safe to drink, we have to do quality testing for disinfectant byproducts," said Derrick Gregory, operations manager at Loachapoka Water Authority. "We take four samples per quarter and one sample at one site we had a little bit higher spike in one of our TTHM samples and we had a MCL violation."

MCL stands for Maximum contaminant Levels. That water quality level was violated when tests for TTHM's was over the max of 80 parts per billion. The test showed they were at 83 parts per billion.

"TTHM's are disinfectant byproducts produced when surface organics living in the water come into contact with chlorine," Gregory said.

Gregory said the water quality issue was uncovered in October, and after waiting for EPA and ADEM guidelines, they notified customers in a letter on Friday of the issue and retested the water last week.

Gregory says customers were never at risk and testing done last weeks shows TTHM levels are back in a safe range.

"It's like if you drink high levels over 30 years like you  have to drink two liters of water every day for 30 years that's when you can run into problems," Gregory said.

Gregory believes the spike was probably a fluke, but Loachapoka, who buys its water from Opelika, is looking at ways to keep it from aging during the time it moves from the Opelika plant to their site therefore decreasing the time TTHM's can be produced.

Again, the water tests are back to normal, but if you have any questions about the quality of your water you can stop by the office just off Highway 14 or give the Water Authority a call.

Employees say they would be more than happy to answer anyone questions.

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