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Parents voice concern about superintendent search


Denise Cambridge's precious cargo is her two young daughters. She's a concerned parent on a mission to make sure Muscogee County School district is up to par for her children. Cambridge is starting with the current search for superintendent.

"I think that it is important that they continue the search but I do believe also that we expedite that process as having solid and firm leadership in place so that we can have a solid foundation of the direction that muscogee county school district is going," Cambridge said. 

Denise is a on the executive board of the district PTA. She and other parents want to see the search wrapped up soon. She feel as if parents need to play a bigger role in the process.

"They should know more, they need to know more. I think that the school district has tried to keep us informed but not as informed as they should be," Cambridge said.  

According to Valerie Fuller with the Muscogee County School district the school board has paid out a little over $13,000  to the first search firm they hired McPherson and Jacobson. That is half of the original contract price of  $25,000. 

The new search firm Brock and Clay inked a deal with the school board in which they will be paid a rate of $300 per hour not to exceed $25,000 total.

"They are spending more money, but they are talking about budget cuts, our schools are lacking educational materials in the classroom and we are lacking things in the but they have monies to continue a search and pay a temporary superintendent and a temporary situation when we could be directing those funds in other places," Cambridge said.

There is still no definite word on when a new superintendent is expected to be selected. 

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