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Columbus woman attacks neighbor with scissors


A Columbus woman allegedly used a pair of scissors to attack her neighbor Thursday night.  In court Friday 41-year-old Stephanie Bolds said she wasn't the one who started it all.

The case started out sounding like an on-going dispute between neighbors but quickly turned odd with allegations of cable stealing, peeping toms, and lingerie.

Bolds pled not guilty to aggravated assault at the preliminary hearing.  The victim, 24-year-old Aletha Williams, testified Bolds knocked on her front door asking for a man named Chris; Williams said she told Bolds she didn't know the man and asked her to leave.

Williams told police that's when Bolds struck her and a physical altercation ensued. Neighbors broke up the fight and the two went back into their homes.  

Shortly after, Bolds allegedly returned with the pair of scissors.  Williams says as soon as she opened the door, Bolds attacked her, stabbing her in the right arm.

"I don't want to sound explicit but how the meat was hanging out my arm, it could've been hanging out of my chest," Williams said.

Williams said if she wouldn't have blocked the blow she probably would be dead.  Bolds testified in court she was not the aggressor but the victim.

"[I've found things] inside my house; I've found a couple of cameras. They've been looking at me in the bathroom. I've heard them joking about seeing me in the bathroom. They've seen me in my room, in my kitchen. They have cameras in my front room," Bolds said. "I just went over to ask her for ‘Chris'. I didn't lunge at her first, she came at me."

Williams denied all the claims Bolds made against her.  She said she Thanked God she was still alive after the assault.

"You don't wake up thinking this could happen to you. I did not wake up thinking today is going to be the day a crazy lady tries to take my life."

Bolds bond has been set at $10,000.   

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