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Georgia senator wants to get rid of state income tax

If Georgia Senator Josh McKoon has his way, then you soon could see the Georgia State Income tax disappear.

"If we could get rid of the state income tax then that would give small business owners the capitol they need to invest in their business and hire new employees to make that new capitol purchase" Senator Josh McKoon said.  

So far McKoon has gotten support from about a dozen other senators across the state. Small business groups are also signing on, saying this will make Georgia more competitive against neighboring Tennessee and Florida who don't have state income taxes. 

"These states all  have figured this out, they've gotten rid of the income tax and as a result business is flocking to their state existing businesses are growing." 

In order for Georgia to get rid of the state income tax the amendment would have to pass in the senate and the house with a two third majority in both houses. It would then be put on the November 2014 ballot. 

"If Voters approve it then we would start seeing the income tax come down by half a percentage point every year until we got down to zero," McKoon said. 

McKoon says that tax payers wouldn't be required to pay anything additional as it would be up to state law makers to help come up with a plan to replace the funds. One example would be to level out the state sales tax.

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