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Local Democrats react to presidential inauguration


Hundreds packed the Columbus Trade Center Monday afternoon.  Attendees dined on great food, listened to speakers, and watched as the 44th President Barack Obama took his second oath of office.

Many supporters said it was an honor to witness the inauguration whether it was from the steps of the U.S. Capitol or right here at home.

'He did it again!' is what millions all over the country shouted and celebrated as President Obama took his second oath of office.

"It's something that I never thought would happen in my lifetime," said James Washington, Muscogee County Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair. 

The official theme of the inauguration was "Faith in America's Future." It's a future, Washington said is filled with endless possibilities for our nation's youth.

"For young people all over this nation to realize that a dream can be obtained if you only work hard and put in the effort," Washington said.

More than 200 people watched the inauguration on four flat screens televisions placed around the room.

Everyone stood for the singing of the National Anthem and cheered as upon exiting the ceremony, the President took a moment to observe the crowd.

President Obama used two bibles to take the public oath; one belonged to Martin Luther King Jr. and the other to Abraham Lincoln.

Washington said he has high hopes that Obama will continue to revere both historic figures as role models.

"I hope, I vote, and I believe. America is a great country. All we have to do is stand by our elected officials and try to move this country," said Washington.

Once the celebrating was over, everyone we spoke with said it was time to get to work on the issues that affect our country today.

To get involved with the Muscogee County Democratic Party call (706) 563-6364.

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