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Residents say conditions are "unlivable"


The odor of raw sewage, mold and mildew are everyday issues for some tenants at a Montgomery apartment complex. They say supposed repairs haven't made a difference and they're fed up, so they contacted the 12 News Defenders.

Jennifer Gholar has lived in a unit at the Green Meadow Apartment homes for four years. She says since September, mold, mildew and raw sewage have taken over her apartment.

"Mold and mildew hits you as soon as you walk through the door. It's everywhere," Gholar said.

You can see the carpet drenched with raw sewage that's seeping from the sink and bathtub. Gholar says she's complained verbally and in written letters to management.

"They claim that they repaired the issue, but the apartment keeps flooding. All they do is come and suck up the water off the floor. I told them that the carpet needs to be pulled up. And the apartment is still messed up. This is the hole that they keep saying the issue is coming from," Gholar said.

Gholar has a young daughter who she says has developed health problems as a result of the mold and mildew.

"Since September, my daughter has been hospitalized at Baptist South with pneumonia. She has asthma. She stays sick, chronic coughing. I'm basically at the emergency room on a regular because of this apartment," Gholar said.

Gholar says the unlivable conditions have forced them to stay with friends.

"I'm going to continue to push it because I feel like if I don't push it. They are going to keep doing tenants like this and it's unacceptable," Gholar said.

Other residents wanted to go on camera, but a property manager asked me to leave the premises. He would not comment on camera, but said he would give a statement later. This is the same manager Ms. Gholar says she's been trying to reach for months.

Residents say the health department has inspected the complex three times and the issues are still not resolved.

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