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Phenix City Mayor delivers first ever state of the city address


Afrancis Kimber is some what of a stranger to this area. Originally from New York, she moved back to her husband's home of Phenix City in 2003. He died two years later and continuing a legacy that they both started she's very active in her community. 

"I'm older, but I tell my children all the time I'm not ready for the rocking chair.  I'm going to be totally involved in the life of my community for the rest of my life," Kimber said. 

That's why Kimber and nearly 100 others came to the state of the city address Thursday night.

Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe is holding firm to his promise of transparency by sharing everything the council has discussed. 

"We are talking about how much debt we have, we are talking about the projects we are having and the projects that we have in place and the grants we have and how much we've had to match with grants. We are talking about the whole 9 yards," said Mayor Lowe. 

He addressed a number of ongoing projects in the city, like the new Marriott Hotel near the river, ongoing projects in Idle Hour Park, and the recent purchase of Phenix Plaza. 

"Hopefully we can help change a culture and that's one of the other things we are shooting to do, because its all about engagement and being up front with the customers," Lowe said.  

Currently, Phenix City has about $52 million in its budget. The city has a debt of about $68 million. 

Citizens were given the change to weigh in on issues they had with things discussed during the address.

Afrancis Kimber didn't make her concerns public Thursday, but believes the city is headed in the right direction.

"This mayor is so grounded in what they are going to do with our community it up to us as a community to work with them and I think we are doing that," Kimber said. 

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