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Sewage floods backyard, mother wants answers

A Manchester woman's backyard has been flooded with sewage for nearly a month and she can't find an answer to the problem.

Wymeka Garmon said the city repaired a sewer line in her neighbor's backyard near the end of December, and shortly afterward, she noticed waste leaking from pipes near the foundation of her house.

She also received a $945.00 water bill this month, which is ten times more than what she is normally charged. 

City manager, Kathy Storey, said Garmon's sewage problem and the city's repairs next door happened coincidentally and the two events are unrelated.

"My concern is that I have kids and just trying to keep them out of the back with the raw sewage and waste that's here, and I still can't get anybody to come out and clean it.  There's no explanation for why I've supposedly used 83,000 gallons of water," said Garmon.

Willy Williams is the owner of the property where the original sewer line maintenance occurred.  He said pipes in between their homes are some of the first sewer lines to be built in Manchester.  According to him, they are made of terra cotta clay and he believes replacing the entire main line is the only solution to the problem.

"Over the years, the roots started growing in the pipes and it creates a clog," said Williams.

Mocell Brown is Garmon's neighbor across the street.  She said, "If you want to get away from the smell, you have to get off the porch and go inside. The health department should get into this because it's not healthy for the family or the neighbors."

"I've called a certified plumber and did everything they've asked me to do, but still no answers," said Garmon.

Storey said she is aware of Garmon's complaints about her water bill and believes whatever caused the increase in her reported usage is separate from the cause of her sewer leak.  She said the bill is being investigated and will be reviewed at the next council meeting. 

Storey added that the city of Manchester is not responsible for the repairs to Garmon's sewer line because the rupture occurred independently of work conducted on a neighboring property.

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