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CR 12 Motorcycle Dog


There's something about doing something you love and having someone to share it with.  For Evergreen resident Clifford Higdon, one of his passions is riding motorcycles.   He's been riding for more than 50 years.  For a long time, his wife was his riding partner.   "My wife just quit riding with me and I wanted somebody to ride with so I just got a dog," Higdon said.

Now he's on his third motorcycle riding dog.  Somehow he gets them to sit perfectly still and they look the part.  "He's got these glasses to keep the bugs out of his eyes.  He scoots down on his box as I go through the gears.  But when I get near his favorite spot, the truck stop, he will stand up and show off."

So does Tigger the riding dog know he's famous?  "Oh yeah.  He sits up and poses.  You wouldn't believe how many people ride up beside us or get out at the truck stop and take his picture."

Higdon is retired military so he flies his flags on his motorcycle.  Not to be outdone, Tigger has one on top of his helmet.  The perfect riding partners.  Just two dudes, out on the open road, showing off their patriotism, and getting a whole lot of comments along the way.

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