Be There: Schools encourage parents to volunteer

Be There: Schools encourage parents to volunteer

(WTVM) - Parents are a crucial part of a child's education, which is why Fox Elementary School in Columbus has monthly meetings to help parents help their children learn.

In this week's Be There, we meet one of those parents.

Elizabeth Southwick is helping her son Kaden's first grade class at Fox Elementary in Columbus. Today, she's spending her time teaching them how to tell time. She's one of several parents who volunteer at the school.

"I'm here at least once a week and I try to make sure that what they're learning is something I can take home as well and teach them so their teacher and I is on the same level," Southwick said.

Fox Elementary has monthly parent workshops taught by Title 1 Intervention teacher and parent liaison Lori Peck.

"A lot of what we do is hands-on to give the parents hands-on ideas to work at home to help their child," Peck said.

Southwick has another son in pre-k at the school. She says being active in their development is her top priority.

"It's the number one thing for a child to succeed in school, so I really think a parent's involvement in their child's education is a plus," Southwick said.

And it's a plus for teachers like Peck who says learning isn't just the responsibility of the school, it should also occur at home.

"I saw a quote the other day that said good character is like good soup, it's usually homemade and so is education...and if at home they're not continuing their education then it's not going to carry over year to year."

If you're interested in volunteering at your child's school, you should contact the principal.

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