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Elderly woman kidnapped, forced into trunk at gunpoint


Mrs. Maddie Parker said her morning began like any other. Dressed in her Sunday best, the 81-year-old woman grabbed her bible and told her husband she is leaving for church. But as she stepped outside her door, a stranger approached her. 

"A young fella came walking up by that magnolia tree in the front, and he drew the gun on me, and told me to get in the car," said Parker.

She drove for several miles while her passenger pointed a gun to her head.  As they came to a dead end, the gunman declared his new demands.

"He took the keys out of the car and opened the trunk, and that's when he had me get in the trunk. Then he closed it down," said Parker.

She says the man drove around town and picked up other passengers while she lay in the cramped trunk wondering what would happen next.  After more than five hours, the car finally came to rest long enough for Mrs. Parker to attempt an escape.  She said she remembered there was a way to open the trunk from inside, but she didn't know where the lever was.

"The Lord was just with me and he just put my hand on the piece, and when I pulled it, the trunk went up," said Parker.

As Mrs. Parker got out of the trunk, she found herself near building 16 of the Bullcreek Apartments. The gunman was gone, along with the money in her purse.  A nearby woman saw her get out of the trunk and helped her call 911.

"It's indescribable how I feel.  My nerves bother me, and I'm still shaky, but as the days go on, I'm getting better," said Parker.

 The man still has her car keys, so  Mrs. Parker's car is having its locks changed at Jay Buick in Columbus. When faced with a potentially dangerous situation, they recommend using the car's remote panic button to grab attention.

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