MILITARY MATTERS: Family members prep for 3rd Armored Brigade's return

MILITARY MATTERS: Family members prep for 3rd Armored Brigade return

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - If you see a smile on the faces of Fort Benning family members, there's a reason why: their loved ones are getting ready to come home from the Middle East - and preparations are well underway.

Last June, Fort Benning's 3rd Armored Brigade left for a 9 month deployment to Kuwait.

Now that the troops are returning, the Army wants to make sure their loved ones are ready.

"Unfortunately when the men come home, the first two weeks are great", said Jessica Perrine of Smiths Station, Al. "And sometimes, mentally speaking, they need resources to make sure they're going to be okay, and you're going to be okay."

Perrine says it's that need for resources that brought her to a Redeployment Fair at the Kelley Hill Recreation Center on post. That and the impending return of her husband Anthony, who still makes her swoon.

"Ooh, yes. He's my other half, my better half", said Perrine. "He's the best husband in the world, does everything at home and is a great father. I can't wait until he gets home."  

The fair is designed to show that a number of services are available for returning soldiers and their families, even where they plan to live.

Heather Bearden, for instance, was on hand promoting the Villages of Benning. "We just want to let everyone know that we have housing to offer", said Bearden. "We have new renovated houses to offer."

Participants also learned what they should or shouldn't say about the redeployment home. 

"Sometimes people get a little bit zealous in spreading information", said Capt. Donald Minchew, a support officer for the brigade. "Quite often, they mean well and they want to keep their friends and family informed. And that could potentially offer a compromise of security."

Suffice it to say, all of the troops should be home by the end of March.

Fort Benning says all of the welcome home ceremonies will take place at Freedom Hall.

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