EMA urges residents to prepare early for severe weather

(WTVM) - Unpredictable weather in Alabama and Georgia is a year round event and the Lee County Emergency management agency wants area residents to be prepared in advanced for all types of weather conditions, particularly like those that rolled through our state Wednesday.

"We want it to be a state of mind for our citizens, we want them to think all the time about the "what if" factors," explains EMA PIO, Rita Smith.

"Go bags" are recommended to keep everywhere you may travel on an average day, containing personal essentials. For example, medications, bottled water and snacks.

"We keep go bags in our cars, in our office and at home and those should entail different thing. You know a hand can opener just thrown in a bag is a great thing to have when the power goes out," says Smith.

When you are in the path of a tornado, always remember these tips:

~Take shelter in a windowless room at the lowest level possible.
~Protect yourself from flying and falling debris by taking shelter under a heavy desk or mattress.
~Always make sure your portable weather radio is equipped with batteries.

"Don't try to outrun them; don't try to second guess that you can make it. Get low, stay low," says Smith.

With weather patterns as sporadic as they are in this region, staying aware of tornado activity and knowing effective ways to protect yourself and your family could help save lives.

"Central Alabama is a constant Russian Roulette you don't know, it's happening all the time," explains Smith, "If you're savvy and you keep listening to your weather radios, you keep paying attention to what the national weather service is conveying to us to do and stay as safe as possible and keep your family as safe as possible, that's our ultimate goal."

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