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250 3rd Brigade soldiers return from Kuwait


For the first time in almost a year, soldiers with the 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry division ran into the arms of their loved ones.

They spent the past few months in Kuwait and now they are all back on American soil, some getting the first in person glimpse of their newborn babies.

Staff Sergeant Michael Cook was happy to hold his daughter Morgan for the very first time.

"We Skyped a lot you know on the computer, she smiled at me on the computer a lot, she's here," Cook said. 

Sergeant Cook's wife Sarah says this is their fourth deployment.  Taking care of two young girls alone isn't easy, but she says she has a pretty good handle on the home front while Dad was away. 

"I'm pretty much used to everything that goes on everything that happens and I'm able to handle it just fine," Sarah Cook said. 

Just like Sarah Cook, Aloha Montgomery has a new baby anxious to meet his father. She says it's great having her husband back, handling a new born and two dogs is no cake walk.

"Its been stressful something is easier than others but it will definitely be nice to have an extra hand at the house," Montgomery said.  

On Friday, 250 of the 2,000 soldiers that deployed back in June came home. Over the next few weeks the rest of the brigade will trickle in.

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