Pitbull attacks 5-year-old boy, young sisters try to help

Pitbull attacks 5 year old boy, sisters try to help

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A 5-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a pitbull.  It happened Monday morning in the Eagles Trace Apartments as little Axis Poyas was on his way to school.

Axis and his two sisters had just left home when the dog seemingly came out of nowhere and jumped on the 10-year-old girl's back.

He then moved to the younger child and started biting him on his leg and hand. You could see red bite marks where the dog sunk his teeth into the child.

The girls became teary-eyed as they told News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles what happened.

"I was crying hoping he would stop biting my brother, "said Mayra Magana.

A man heard Axis screaming and got the dog off the boy. "I was happy to see he was okay because that's the only little brother I ever had," explained Karen Morales.

The incident was reported to Columbus Animal Control. Officers knocked on a few doors trying to find the dog and his owner. So far, they've come up empty handed. The kids said the pitbull is brown with white ears.

Axis was treated for minor injuries. If you know anything about the incident, call Columbus police at 706-653-3400.

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