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Saints ask to talk to Donatell, 49ers say no way

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The New Orleans Saints continue their search for a replacement to fired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. One name that can be taken off the wish list is San Francisco Defensive Backs coach Ed Donatell.

Donatell is still under contract and the 49ers said no to the Saints request to interview him. The San Francisco coach faced the same situation last year when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came calling and the 49ers told the team the same thing.

Donatell has no problem with the 49ers saying no and told, "Nothing is better than this. I'd give up the years of advancement to be a part of this. There is so much that goes along with it. This is the highest high. This is why you coach."

Donatell has made it clear he is under contract and should honor the agreement he made with the team.

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