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Locals send happy birthday wishes to former Midland City hostage


Birthday wishes for little Ethan, the boy held hostage for more than 6 days inside an underground bunker, are pouring in by the hundreds.

From the East Coast to the West Coast, people showed their love and support for Ethan on his 6th birthday on Wednesday.  More than 400 birthday cards were mailed off Wednesday from Columbus to Midland City, Alabama.

"I made him a birthday cake and wrote ‘I hope you have a happy birthday Ethan," stated Buffy Moore, a grandmother, who got permission from principal Precious Evans to get the entire school involved. 

"I put SpongeBob on the front and I said, ‘Happy Birthday Ethan, my family is happy you are safe," recalled Brooklyn Jones, Moore's grandson.

The students were so eager and excited to share what they had written to Ethan. Most of the students expressed their happiness over the fact that Ethan is now safe.

Florence Evermon, a second grade teacher at Wesley Heights, was as equally enthused as the children, mostly because she can relate to Ethan's experience since she has a child who suffers from the same disorder as Ethan.

"I have an autistic child and they need structure and it's really hard taking them out of that environment and I could not watch the coverage because I would just tear up," Evermon said.

"I hope he is in a better place now and I am happy he is with his parents," said Corbin Johnson, a second grade student who's hoping to help put a smile on Ethan's face.                                                             

Ethan was freed on Monday when the FBI bomb rushed the bunker where he was being held with Jimmy Lee Dykes, a 65-year-old man who took him captive from a school bus.  Dykes was shot and killed by federal authorities. 

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