Mayor claims Majestic Sports Bar will be shut down

Mayor claims Majestic Sports Bar will be shut down

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The family of Columbus' first murder victim of the year is galvanizing support from local and state leaders to close down the Majestic Sports Bar on Cusseta Road.

A crowd of supporters including Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, Councilors Pop Barnes and MeMe Woodson, Marshal Greg Countrymen and Senator Ed Harbison along with the Foster family marched from Garden of Prayer Church on Andrews Road to the nightclub.

This group is hoping their chants will turn into action against the owners of the Majestic Sports Bar on Cusseta Road--that's where Foster was killed and 6 others wounded News Year's Day.

"We have lost too many people in that club, too many have been shot and the community is saying enough is enough," said Reverend Willie Phillips, a key organizer of the marches. He is standing strong to the end despite attempts by some to intimidate him.

"I know they park out in front of his home all times of the night," explained Councilman Barnes. The mayor responded by saying police have already beefed up patrols around Rev. Phillips' home, thus keeping their plan alive.

"That will be shutdown by a force of law. There's a process and that process has already begun," recalled Mayor Tomlinson.

That statement garnered a loud applause from the audience as Fosters' mother, sister and cousins wore "stop gun violence" T-shirts bearing Charles Foster, Junior's name on the back, "He should have had more responsibility in protecting the people inside that club, said a relative of Foster.

"A lot of people thought a lot of my son, CJ and this means a lot," an emotional Jessie Foster, said to the crowed as they wrapped up one of several marches held in honor of her son, an innocent victim and senior at Columbus State University.

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