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Abortion protesters plan to demonstrate for 40 days


Starting Wednesday, protestors will be outside Planned Parenthood in Birmingham and they will be there for 40 days. This is part of a national movement called "40 Days for Life."

Organizers say this is going to be a peaceful movement with no yelling or screaming. They simply want to offer alternatives to abortions.

Ed Carrick is coordinating Birmingham's "40 Days for Life." He got involved with the movement eight years ago.

Carrick says churches in the Birmingham community have raised money to fund pro-life pregnancy centers so clients can be supported financially, spiritually, emotionally, and medically. Carrick hopes this is a better option than abortion.

"I watched as the women come out; they were pretty much devastated. Some were in pain. They were definitely at a loss for why they were there and what's happening to them. And I guess to see the pain and suffering in their face. I said I would really like to do something about this, so I kept coming," said Carrick.

Birminghams "40 Days for Life" will kick off Tuesday night with a vigil outside of Planned Parenthood. Starting Wednesday, they will be outside the clinic from 6 a.m.to 6 p.m. for the next forty days.

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