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Columbus family leaves town after crime


A Columbus family packed their bags and moved out of town after a horrific event occurred at their south Columbus home.

News Leader 9 caught up with some of the family Monday before they left the city to move across the country.

On February 2, Yolanda Rainey walked into her garage where she encountered a man she thought was her next door neighbor.

"When I got up to the door, he was already inside the garage. I thought it was my neighbor but when I looked at him closely I noticed he was much younger," Rainey said.

Rainey shared the Battle Forrest Neighborhood home with her daughter and two grandchildren located on Breeds Hill Loop in Columbus.

Rainey explained the suspect was a young black man was older than 17 but younger than 21.  "He said, ‘You got cigarettes?' said Rainey. "I said yes, I have cigarettes."

Rainey said she walked inside her home to get the man that was wearing all black a cigarette. She said the man offered to pay for the cigarette but she declined the offer.

"I said no, that's ok. I said here's a cigarette for you and one for your ear for later," Rainey said. "Then, he asked for matches and I said yea I got a lighter. When I walked in to get the lighter, he walked in behind me and closed the door, pulled out the gun and put it to my head."

Rainey said the man started questioning her, asking if anyone else was in the home.  She told the man her daughter and son-in-law were home and had guns.

"After [I told him that] he opened the door to let himself out; that's when I put my purse up over my face. I said, ‘hey man, I'll give you $50 if you don't shoot me," Rainey said.

The man still shot at Rainey but he missed.  "It hit where the knives were [on the counter]."

Rainey said the man got away in a burgundy SUV.

He's yet to be caught.

"Now, we have to get [my grandchildren] away in case he comes back," Rainey said. "My daughter had to send my granddaughter to her other grandmother in California; she had to send my grandson to Texas."

Rainey said she was following suit and heading across the country to live with family.  Her daughter was planning to make the trip in a few months as well.   

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