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Columbus man accused of pulling gun and tasing police officers


A Columbus man pled not guilty in Recorder's Court Tuesday afternoon; accused of tasing one Columbus police officer and pulling a gun on another.

Darriess Calhoun, 24, is charged with aggravated assault, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, obstruction, and possession of marijuana.

Officer Alphonzo King testified he and Officer James Bezner were responding to a gun sighting call on Farr Road in Columbus shortly after 3:30 p.m. Monday.

They said they encountered Calhoun standing in front of a liquor store; he matched the description of the suspect given by dispatch.

Officer King says he approached Calhoun and Calhoun quickly reached into his pants waistband. King said he grabbed Calhoun's arm and Calhoun said, "I didn't do nothing!"

King testified Calhoun refused to follow orders and kept trying to reach for something in his pants.

"The suspect pulled back with his right hand. I then saw and felt a taser wire go into my right arm and felt an electrical shock that caused me to release the suspect," King said. "The suspect then turned and ran north on Farr Road."

King and Bezner testified they chased Calhoun for two blocks before catching up with him at which time they were met by a Calhoun pointing a loaded 9 millimeter pistol at them.

Officer Bezner testified he pulled his weapon on Calhoun and ordered him to put the weapon down or he would be shot.

At that moment, a Columbus detective and local security guard tackled Calhoun to the ground.  Calhoun's girlfriend Jenine Mohammad says he would never threaten police.

"I turned around and there were five police throwing him around, pulling on his clothes, and throwing him in the mud," Mohammad said. "I did not see him pull a pistol on nobody and I was right there I could see everything. He was trying to get it off of him, maybe so it wouldn't go off on him while they were throwing him around."

Calhoun is charged with aggravated assault, carrying a weapon without valid license, obstruction, and possession of marijuana.

His bond has been set at $8,250. 

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