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Convenience store cashier wins $3 million scratch off

Shaquita Mitchell, 33 Shaquita Mitchell, 33

Shaquita Mitchell, 33, of Americus is a grocery store cashier who just claimed one of the largest instant cash prizes available from the Georgia State Lottery. 

"She was happy, and she was crying a little bit too," said Sheetal Patel, the woman who sold her the ticket. "She didn't believe it."

Mitchell has been buying tickets at the Danfair Express on West Forsyth Street for years, but this time, a $20 purchase turned into a $3 million fortune.

"She comes pretty much every day- sometimes twice a day.  She buys a lottery ticket, groceries, and gas too," said Patel.

 Prior to winning the lottery, Mitchell worked as a cashier at Rubo's convenience store in Leslie, Georgia.  Her mother also works at the same store.  She wasn't at work when News Leader 9 stopped by, but Mitchell's mother said her daughter hasn't quit her job yet.  She said she's glad her daughter hit the jackpot.

 The employees at Danfair Express were shocked that the top prize was sold in her store because Millionaire Jingle Jumbo Bucks is an older, holiday themed game and they only had a few tickets left in stock.  And it's not the first time this store has sold a big ticket.  Another $3 million winner was sold there in February 2011.

 "Two years ago, on the 14th of February, we sold a $3 million ticket, and at the same place, we sold again, a $3 million ticket.  I think that our store has been blessed by God that we have tickets here worth millions of dollars," said Sanjay Patel

The Georgia lottery asked Mitchell where she plans to spend the money and so far she hasn't made any plans.  Her boss is still expecting her to show up for work.

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