Mother remembers son who died in daycare fire

Mother remembers son who died in daycare fire

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As the third anniversary of her son's tragic death approaches on February 26, Dana Richardson says life without her baby boy isn't any easier than it was the day she learned what happened. 

"It's harder now because the numbness has worn off," said Richardson.

Michael Dubard Jr. died shortly before his second birthday. He was the only one who didn't survive the home day care fire on Millbranch Road. Three other children were seriously hurt.

"I still don't know what happened from the sources I have or what caused the fire," said Richardson.

But could it be--- Richardson's questions are on the verge of being answered now that the GBI is conducting its own probe into the Columbus Fire and EMS Department. Sources say they (investigators) want to know more about the fire-- why you ask? It's still a mystery even for Richardson.

"I was shocked; I know what I've been praying and asking god to do in this situation."

Richardson says she was told cause of the fire is unknown.

Fire chief Jeff Meyer says he too was surprised by the probe but wants speedy results.

"We hope they complete it quickly. We pride ourselves on being transparent; the entire department has been cooperative and will continue to do so."

The GBI would not say how long the investigation will last, although the Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says she expects a statement from the organization soon.

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