Diversity commission tours sub-standard housing

Diversity commission tours sub-standard housing

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Mayor Teresa Tomlinson's Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity went on a bus tour Wednesday of sub-standard housing throughout Columbus.

You can see video of that bus here, driving through areas of town that may need their outreach.

The mayor recently re-tooled the commission to take on issues of poverty and housing -- and Wednesday they surveyed various neighborhoods throughout the city to determine what they need.

Commission chair Jane Nichols, president and CEO at Goodwill, explains why it is important to physically get out and visit these communities.

"In order to move a community and truly change the face of the community you have to address all of those basic needs, and housing is a basic need that we have," said Nichols. "We have different levels of housing and if we start with our worst housing environment and we begin to better that, it will propel the community to higher levels."

After this excursion, the commission will reflect on everything they have seen and then decide what areas need their resources the most.

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