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Attorney sheds light on case against accused child pornographer

Stevie Porter Stevie Porter

A Columbus music producer who was once thought to be a robbery victim was charged with sexually exploiting young boys last week. 

He said a gang of unruly teenagers beat him and stole his laptop, but after the teens' defense attorney Alfonza Whitaker presented evidence to police, the accuser became the accused.

Attorney Whitaker said nearly every detail about Porter's story was a work of fiction designed to frame his clients and take the focus off his own activities.

Porter said he was attacked by a large group of juveniles who he met through the "hip hop industry." They appeared at his door uninvited and began to beat him mercilessly.  Porter claims they stole his phone and laptop as part of a possible gang initiation ceremony or hate crime.  He said he only wanted his laptop back because it contained irreplaceable pictures of his recently deceased mother.

Attorney Whitaker's version is a little different.  He said Porter invited the juveniles to his house and provided them with alcohol.  He met the boys through the son of one of his friends.  One of teens asked Porter if he could borrow his cell phone and that's when the trouble began. 

The boy noticed a picture of himself on the phone that Porter had taken in a suggestive way when the boy wasn't looking.  The picture prominently featured the boy's rear end (fully clothed) but it was enough to provoke the teen and his friends to anger.  They immediately left the house and took his electronics to make sure there were no other pictures of themselves they didn't know about. 

Following the robbery investigation, the teens turned the items over to Attorney Whitaker who then gave it to police.  After serving a warrant on the computer, police said they found evidence showing Porter has been victimizing young boys in the community for years in very explicit ways.  Attorney Whitaker clarified that none of his clients were victims of the more serious child pornography.

"Initially, all he wanted was his laptop and the phone and I can understand why.  He insisted on prosecuting this case.  Mr. Porter had an opportunity to get his items back without this matter going forward through an investigation," said Whitaker.

Even more alarming are the attorney's claims that a similar situation played out several years ago, but things turned out much worse for that accused robber.

"If you review Mr. Porter's history, several years ago, another young man was accused of robbing him, and it's my belief, from talking to this other individual's attorney, that Mr. Porter set him up the same way, after he was not allowed to take pictures of this young man.  He told police that he was robbed in the park and this young man ended up pleading to the charge, going to jail, serving time, and it's apparently a pattern of Mr. Porter's."

Attorney Whitaker said the other juvenile who was convicted felt pressured into a plea for fear that his word would not be strong enough to defend against Porter's.  Now that Porter's credibility is under fire, he believes the current charges against his clients will eventually be dropped.

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