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Shooting range ordered to shut down, now battling it out in court


In June of last year, the High Noon Shooting range in Noonday was ordered shut down.

The order stated that the range could not re-open until they met state safety and health codes.

In court today, the owners of the range argued that the facility is safe and should be allowed to re-open.

However, the plaintiff in the case says the range is putting his family in danger.

Since last June, Kyle McKain hasn't been able to shoot at the gun range where he's a member. He cares enough that he attended the Thursday court hearing that determined the range wouldn't reopen just yet.

"Not only an inconvenience, but in many cases stops our being able to go out and practice our shooting skills."

David Ball, a neighbor of the gun range is happy with the temporary injunction that Judge Jack Skeen determined would keep the range closed for now.

He says the range violates state safety codes and puts his family in danger.

"We just want to express our appreciation for Judge Skeen's protecting us against a very dangerous situation."

Don Laitan, one of the gun range's owners, isn't happy at all. He says no one has proved the range is unsafe and all of the evidence presented against it was hearsay.

He says the range has already made modifications that made it plenty safe.

"We're the safest gun range in smith county there's nobody ever proved anybody shot out of that got people from out os state saying they find bullets in the trees. People been shooting out there for years."

During the hearing, the plaintiff said there were still problems with safety and excessive noise.

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