A Valentine's Day story to warm your heart

A Valentine's Day story to warm your heart

(WTVM) - Bill McRae, compassionate husband and father of five daughters, lived a successful live full of service and love.

"He was the kind of man that really had no compunction whatsoever when I was growing up about showing his daughters love," explains daughter Marquette McKnight.

When his daughters were grown and working, McRae started a Valentine's Day tradition of his own.

"Every year my dad would bring to our workplaces a box of Whitman's Samplers, and did that for years and years," says McKnight.

Unfortunately, McRae's life was cut short in 2007, after battling prostate cancer for four years. However, his token of love on Valentine's Day has lived on.

"That first Valentine's Day in 2008 after he died in July the year before, I got the box at work like always," says McKnight.

The Valentine's Day surprise didn't stop after that first year. Each of the five McRae daughters has received a box of Whitman's chocolates samplers from their dad every year from 2008 to today.

At first, the family was curious of about how their dad was capable of planning such an elaborate scheme, but now looks at it as a mystery better left unsolved.

"It's kind of a nice mystery that I don't want to know. I don't want to know how it happens, I'm just glad it does," states McKnight.

Not a day goes by that McKnight doesn't think about those wonderful years with her father, and the love he showered upon his family.

"The lesson of the story is to show that love to your kids, to your husband, your wife, your parents, whoever is in your life that you love, to show that love while you're alive which is why it makes it so meaningful from beyond the grave," explains McKnight.

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