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Big Break Safety: Protecting yourself before getting a record deal


They call themselves young and cool kids. Better known as YNCK, this group of three young men and a young woman burst onto the scene over a year ago, performing on the national stage at BET's 106th & Park.

"We don't like to call ourselves just rapper we do a little bit of everything." 

From dancing to singing, and even acting they are a versatile group eager to reach international fame, but it isn't as easy as picking up a microphone. The youngsters had to find managers they could trust and people willing to back them 100 percent, so they turned to family.

"We trust them better anyone else we know and we know they wouldn't go behind our back and do us wrong." 

Two of the group members Spaceboy and Lil Kel are cousins. Lil Kel's dad is one of the group's managers. The other is B-No's mother. Lil Shorty Tot the only female member of the group lives in Atlanta. They all say having people that know and love them manage the group has proved to be beneficial.

"We try to be surrounded by the right people that want nothing but the best for us and basically look after us." 

But not everyone has family in their corner like this group. James-JB- Johnson works with YNCK and he typically helps insure that people not familiar with record labels know what they are getting themselves into.

"I would advise any artist out there that is trying to get a big record deal to make sure they do a lot of research on the actual record label the individuals who are the CEOS of the label and try to at least get some bios of the actual company," Johnson said.  

Johnson also suggests getting a entertainment lawyer to help negotiate contracts so that money won't cause problems down the road.

"They wind up being real big and success but they end up coming home broke." 

Managers of YNCK tell me that the young star hopefuls have caught on quick and ask frequent questions about managerial decision, treading cautiously still and waiting on an even bigger break. 

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