Exclusive Preview of News at 6 & 11

Happy Friday! This is Jason Dennis, in our WTVM newsroom. Here's what we are working on for the news at 6 and 11...

Two masked gunmen terrified employees of a Wal-mart in Columbus. We talk to police about the armed robbers did after busting through the front door and demanded cash. You'll also hear from a witness about what happened.

We're learning new information tonight about the sludge spill in Opelika. See for yourself how one man tries to prove the sludge is actually edible!

A second suspect has been captured in the deadly New Year's Day shooting at the Majestic Club in Columbus. Police tell us how they found him, and what's next in this case.

And we hope to show you the WTVM staff, in our studio, doing the "Harlem Shake." You don't want to miss this dancing video! Please share the video, which you can watch here:

Tell your friends, then join us for these stories and more tonight at 6 and 11!

See ya then,

 Jason Dennis

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