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Woman assaulted while walking home on Valentine’s Day


Visibly shaken and holding broken glasses, a 21-year-old woman relived the terror she felt just hours after an unknown man attacked her.

"I left my house around 8:50 p.m. I went to the gas station on the corner of Manchester and River Road."

The petite woman says she walks the same route to the Shell Gas station from her Oates Avenue home often – it's less than a 10 minute walk.

The woman says she was returning home from the store on Valentine's Day and as soon as she turned the corner, that's when she met her attacker face to face.

"He started walking towards me and he said, 'What's up ma, what's your name?' I put my head down and ignored him and I kept walking," she said. "I heard him turn around, so I stopped to look and by the time I turned around, he grabbed me by my neck."

It was here in this church parking lot that the woman says the man beat her, tried to rape her, and then stole her purse.

"He kept trying to pull on my pants," she said. "Then, he started groping me down there. I kept trying to hold my pants up so they wouldn't go down. Then he punched me in my face and broke my glasses into my eye."

The victim says she fought the unknown man with all her might as he continued to choke her throughout the assault.

"I couldn't see his face," she said. "He had a short haircut. He had on dark hunter green clothing with black pants."

The woman says the man is on the shorter side and has a dark complexion.

"When he took my wallet, he got my birth certificate, my social security card, all my bank cards, my work pass, bus pass, everything was in there," she said.

She suffered cuts to her face, and feet.

The woman is now afraid to stay in her home. She believes the man has been watching her and could live close by.  She wants to move but is not financially able to.

If you'd like to help her in any way, please send emails to bdionne@wtvm.com.

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