Burglary, accident rates on downward trend in Auburn

Burglary, accident rates on downward trend in Auburn

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Residents of Auburn can rest easier knowing crime is on a downward trend in the City of Auburn.

"There is nothing worse than going off working all day, coming home and having to find you home has been broken into and your property stolen. It's like you've been violated. So we challenged ourselves here at the police division to work harder on the burglaries," explains Chief Tommy Dawson of the Auburn Police Division.

According to the City's Public Safety Department, 1,592 building and automobile burglaries were reported in 2008.

In just four years that number has been cut in half and then some, with reports of 753 burglaries in 2012.

We could not reach these goals without our citizens. Anytime they see someone suspicious in their neighborhood, their apartment complex, mobile home community, they call us and we encourage more of that," says Dawson.

The number of traffic accidents have also decline since 2008.

Dawson says his team doesn't enjoy giving out citations, but it's worth it if it will avoid fatal tragedies on the road.

"We are very proud of that, the traffic accidents have gone down. We think in part due to our traffic enforcement. We feel like we've saved some lives and if you save one it's worth it," states Dawson.

Auburn residents are proud of the progress the City has made and continue to feel safer, everyday, in the quaint town they call home.

"I've lived in Auburn seven years now. I feel very safe, very comfortable, walking around during the day and nighttime," explains Auburn resident, Jacob Watkins.

As for 2013, the Auburn Police Division's goal is to continue this downward trend of less crime and accidents by 15 to 20 percent each year.

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