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Stranger attempts to rape woman in her driveway


A home on 14th Avenue in Columbus was the scene of a cold-blooded attack on a woman who was placing trash outside her back door.  We're not identifying the victim or her husband to protect her identity, but it happened only a block away from Jordan Vocational School. 

 "When you come out of your house, you better be looking around the corner, because she walked out like it was normal everyday business, turned around, put the garbage in, and then she was pulled in the corner where nobody can see. I'm just glad she's alive," said the victim's husband.

The victim said a man was hiding behind her car which was parked alongside her house.  As she turned to go to her trash can, he grabbed her shirt from behind and pulled it over her head.  He dragged her behind the vehicle, and as the victim put it, tried to cut off her right breast with a knife.  He then pulled off her pants and wrapped them around her neck to choke her.  That is when she lost consciousness.

 "He cut her, bad - almost a 2-inch gash.  And she was out here for almost two hours apparently and she had crawled out toward the street. One of the neighbors saw her as she was going to work and she called 911," said the husband.

Police arrived immediately afterward and searched the house, but the man was not inside.  The victim's husband believes his wife was targeted by someone who observed them secretly over a period of time.

 "We are creatures of habit.  We do the same things all the time.  All they have to do is watch for a couple of days and they pick up on your patterns.  Now they can lay a plan against you.  Because so many people come by here, I don't know.  I couldn't even speculate," said the husband. 

He advises everyone to be aware of their surroundings, eliminate blind spots around their homes, and change predictable behaviors because this type of crime could happen to anyone.  He believes this was not a spur of the moment attack.  It took planning and patience. 

Police are still looking for the suspect who is currently loose in the community somewhere. 

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