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Second man charged with deadly New Year's Day shooting appears in court


We have more details on the deadly New Year's Day shooting at Majestic Sports Bar in Columbus that left one dead and six wounded.

Nearly two months after shots rang out at the Cusseta Road bar a Columbus man accused of being the second gunman was arrested.

"He's made it very well known that he's pleading not guilty and he did not do this," Defense attorney Kyle Fisher said.

Fisher's client, Shaquille Porter, 19, is charged with very serious crimes including murder and five counts of aggravated assault; Porter pled not guilty to all charges.

Investigators testified witnesses identified Porter as one of the shooters, a claim Fisher said they have not proven.


"I expected to be informed a little bit more about the facts of the case. From what I heard officer Williams say, she had some witnesses who have identified my client in a very dark club," Fisher said. "She could not say the number of witnesses that saw him nor could she say who those witnesses were."

It was a victim that was shot outside the bar that investigators said helped them arrest the first shooter DeQuandray Truitt shortly after the shooting.

Fisher said Truitt matched the suspect description investigators released; however, Fisher said Porter did not match the suspect description of the second shooter.

"The initial reports that I read in the press were involving Mr.Truitt, who has dreadlocks and a person with short hair who is believed to be a second shooter."

Initially, investigators reported witnesses saying they saw a second gunman with a low haircut, acne, and wearing a brown work suit;

Fisher said that descriptions cast doubt.

"This other shooter has short hair, if you put two and two together, that couldn't be my client if my client has dreadlocks, which he does," said Fisher.

Porter's was on probation at the time he was arrested; his probation was revoked. He's held in the Muscogee County Jail with no bond.

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