Alabama sheriffs believe legislation to threaten public safety

Alabama sheriffs believe legislation to threaten public safety

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones along with the Alabama Sheriff's Association is opposed to new legislation that would, from their perspective, threaten public safety.

"It would just, in our opinion, make it in some cases easier for an individual with criminal intent to get a hold of a weapon," explains Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

If passed, Senate Bill 129 would eliminate the authority of sheriffs to issue gun permits at their discretion.

The bills would allow guns to be carried in public places making enforcement by the police extremely difficult.

"It also provides for an individual public official, not just law enforcement to be possibly facing civil suits, being sued simply for trying to do their job protecting public safety, a fine of ten to 100 thousand dollars and I really don't understand why it should be like that," says Jones.

Senate Bill 129 is sponsored by Alabama Senator Scott Beason from Gardendale.

He believes the goal of his bill is to clarify Alabama law for gun owner's rights.

"We are in favor of gun rights for individuals, it's nothing like that or anything negative in that regard, but this is something that just a broad region that it would have a negative impact on the public's safety and that's our position," states Jones

Sheriff Jones will be meeting with a public safety subcommittee on Tuesday in Montgomery to review and discuss the bill with Senator Beason and other stakeholders.

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